You’ve almost made it through the planning process to prepare for your wedding day and now it is time for your bridal shower and bachelorette party.  Your bridesmaids and friends want to make sure that you are celebrated and have an amazing time!  Let the brainstorming begin…..what type of shower do you want?  Do I have to be traditional?  Will men be invited?  Those are all questions that tend to come up when preparing to plan a shower. Well I have put together a few suggestions for bridal showers.   Hopefully one will work for you!

Unconventional Ideas:

  • Give Back to your Community- Instead of coming together to sit and enjoy each other, bring all the ladies together to perform a Habitat for Humanity Project or feed the homeless at your local food bank.
  • Be one with Nature- Plan a Glamping Trip or a day hike with all the ladies and have lunch in the woods or the side of a mountain.


  • High Tea-Get dressed up in your favorite hat and lace gloves to enjoy and afternoon of tea and scones with your favorite ladies
  • Wine Tasting- Find a local vineyard and learn about wine. Plan a lunch in the vineyard for the ladies of your bridal party


  • Around the World- Plan a shower that will showcase food and customs from different parts of the world.  Create a “passport” for each lady so they can get stamped at each location
  • Cooking Class-  Learn to cook your favorite gourmet cuisine and enjoy your assignment when it is done!

Just a few ideas to help you with the bridal shower planning process. The possibilities are actually endless, start with the bride, find out what she likes and start planning from that place.  Keep in mind, that this is all about celebrating her and not your own preference.  Be sure that you all choose something that she will enjoy!  Happy Planning!

Make it Simple and Chic!

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