At the mention of Valentine’s day a collective shudder goes through 2 types of people…Men and those who are single!   There is a lot of pressure put on Valentine’s day, both commercially and personally so men who may not have a clue about what do…This is for you! I will help you out and of course you will reap all the benefits…if done right. If you don’t follow my suggestions and it goes bad, I can’t help you…lol!

Most women are happy with the traditional flowers, chocolate and a nice dinner out or at home…..Why would you settle for traditional?  You want your significant other to have a Valentine’s day they will never forget (in a good way), so you should go the extra mile.  How, you ask?  Well I will tell you!  Here are a few date ideas for Valentine’s day…..

  1. Go out and try something completely out of your comfort zone! If you can’t dance, take a beginner dance class, if you can’t cook, try a cooking class, if you are shy, try an acting class.  The key is do something together and have fun doing it.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  2. Have a “random” date-  Use Yelp or Google to guide you through your day or night.  Search for the best cocktails in your area and go to the first place listed, then do the same for dinner and any additional activities you want to do. The rule is you have to do or go to the first item on the list
  3. UnPlugged Weekend-  If you are able to do this, check into your favorite hotel or Air BNB and completely unplug for the weekend.  No phones, computers or tv.  If there is a beach, go relax and spend time together, read a book, go on a walk.  You can even take a nap or two.  The goal is to stay unplugged for the weekend and focus on each other and relaxing.
  4. Take Valentine’s Dinner to another couple–  Everyone knows an elderly couple that may not be able to get out for Valentine’s day. Surprise them with dinner and spend some time talking to them.  You will make their night and probably hear some amazing stories!
  5. Have a movie night– Not just any movie night…Binge watch some of your favorite childhood movies!  Get pizza, drinks and lots of sugary snacks and have a old school sleepover with your Valentine watching your favorite childhood movies.

I hope this gives you a few ideas to plan for your Valentine…you better do it fast, we are less than 24hrs away!  If all else fails go pick up flowers and personally deliver them to her job with her favorite candy and a bear.  This always works because every woman wants to be the one that gets flowers delivered to their office!!

Have a Chic Valentines Day!


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