As a wedding and social events planner,  I have had the opportunity to work with dynamic and amazing couples, some of whom I now call my friends. My approach to wedding and social event planning is a little different than most. I am not a volume wedding planner, I work with clients that trust me, trust my work and desire a beautifully designed and smooth wedding day. I like to think of each client as part of the Simple and Chic family and hopefully I will welcome you soon!

Just to give you a little information about me, I present:

Chic Planner Top 10

  1. I hate brussel sprouts
  2. I am deathly afraid of roaches
  3. I love cake! (Pineapple upside down cake is my favorite)
  4. I love Harry Connick Jr. and listen to him while I work, I will occasionally add Rosemary Clooney
  5. I have never had a pet (not even a rock)
  6. Favorite color is purple (my room was completely purple as a kid)
  7. I organize my grocery list by the route I take through the store
  8. My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time.
  9. When I have a rough day I go walk around Target and it makes everything better
  10. Creating a stress free wedding day is my passion, so all of my brides so they can truly be the star of the day.

Now its your turn! Contact us and let’s talk about your list and get to work on your Chic wedding or celebration!