I met his dynamic and sweet couple over the phone.  They reached out to me to assist in planning their wedding in Dallas while they live in Houston. That is fairly common for me so of course it wasn’t an issue.  They were planning a traditional Sikh ceremony at their family temple and reception at Union Station in Dallas. I was excited to work with them because they were a great couple and because I always wanted to work at Union Station and finally have they opportunity to work at this gorgeous venue!!!

Prior to the wedding I went to Houston and sat with her to go over the details an make sure we had everything together. While I have extensive experience in South Asian weddings, I had never done a Sikh ceremony so needless to say I had a few questions.

Wedding day required a few logistics to make sure everything stayed on time.  It was of utmost important to Gusaran that they were married before 12:30pm. If not, that would mean back luck for their marriage and no one wanted that, especially me!!!

The host hotel for the guests and family was the Hyatt Regency Dallas,which made sense for its close proximity to the reception venue.  Although it was over 30 minutes away from the temple.  No need to worry, they rented a big yellow school bus to transport the guests from the hotel to the temple.

The guests arrive ready to dance and start the baarat.  The groom’s horse was ready to party as well, down to her hooves that were painted red! The groom’s family and friends walked a short distance down the street to the temple to meet the bride’s family.  In the photo, you can see the bride looking out of the second story window watching all the festivities.

After the ceremony, there were family photos along with lunch.  Then it is time to head back to the hotel.

Instead of immediately going into the reception, after lunch everyone heads back to the hotel for a nap and rest until the 6:30pm cocktail hour.  So they have a 4 to 5 hour break to prepare to party all night long!!!!

Cocktail hour starts and you can feel the excitement in the air!  Guests are rested and ready to party! We open the doors to allow them to be seated and the introductions start the evening on a high note! The groomsmen bring an inflatable basketball goal and literally stole all the pillows from at least 6 different hotel rooms to use as a cushion!

Dinner service starts and of course Wolfgang Puck Catering does not disappoint!! It is so very good and the service is top notch.

Now it is time to PARTY!!!! Dj Chani with Desi Junction Dj‘s is amazing and they danced all night long, I had to make them turn off the music at 1am!  It was an amazing and unforgettable night for an amazing couple and I am thankful to have been a part of it!!

Thank you to Sesha with Convey Studios for all the amazing pictures!


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