We’ve made it through the beautiful ceremony and it is time for our guests to move in the the cocktail area to have drinks and appetizers while the bride, groom, bridal party and family are taking photos….This is what you see as a guest.

Here is what really happens from my perspective…

As soon as the ceremony is over my staff and I make sure that the bridal party is tucked away in a holding room so they can have a quick break before formal photos.  The ushers along with one staff member makes sure the guests clear out of the ceremony space to so the professional photographer can come in and take the formal photos.

Depending on what type of entertainment is scheduled during cocktail hour, we make sure the guests enjoy themselves and pick out their place cards which indicate their seating assignment.  It typically takes about an hour to finish all the formal photos. I check in with the photographer and coordinate the entrance of the guests into the reception.

I love the element of surprise, a wedding should be an experience for the guests, they should not be able to see everything at once. You should take your guests on a journey, don’t be afraid to add personalized elements along the way.

Stay tuned for …The Reception!!!! The time for everyone to truly let loose and celebrate!!!

-Make it Simple and Chic!

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