This week I had a site visit with one of my November clients. She secured most of her vendors before booking me so we were going over her choices.  As we talked, I asked her how she chose her vendors for her wedding. I am always curious to know the most effective ways to attract clients.  Her answer surprised me and disturbed at the same time.  She said…”They were the only ones that called me back”

At that point, my jaw dropped.  The only ones that called you back !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! She went on to explain that she reached out to 5 to 6 different vendors in multiple categories and out of them on average she received one call back.  It gets more disturbing, she spoke to the dj and was ready to book, all he needed to do was send over the contract.  He never sent it, after being sent to voicemail multiple times, she went with another dj.  A few weeks later this same dj calls her to ask if she had signed the contract he never sent….WOW!!!!

If you are a vendor, I understand that being available 24-7 is not a reality, but at least implement systems that will let clients know that you will respond within 24 hrs to any inquiry and if you are on vacation, please setup a vacation autoresponder.

There isn’t an inquiry that comes into Simple and Chic Events that I don’t reply to, via email or phone call. My reputation and my income is based on my response time and follow up and I take that very seriously. If you are a potential bride and you are having this issue, come over to the Chic family and I will make sure that that is not an issue for you.

Have you had any issues with unresponsive vendors? I would love to hear about it!

-Make it Simple and Chic!

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